What We Do

Generation Focus is a customer discovery research firm committed to providing research solutions that are tailored to fit your business. By listening to our clients' needs and curating our services accordingly, we connect companies to valuable data that help guide business decisions.

Simply put, we uncover powerful insights that drive meaningful action.

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Our Team

Our team members are located across the U.S. and Europe.

UX Research Specialist

Yani Aldrich

Yani's dedication to exploring global cultures has fueled her passion for international customer research and ethnography in business. Yani has an MS in Global Affairs from New York University and a BA in Sociology from The College of New Jersey. Her background includes Sociology, Anthropology, Global Affairs, International Law, and Human Rights. Yani loves to study foreign languages and has working knowledge of Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and French.

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Relationship Manager

Gabriel Barr

Gabe earned his Bachelor's in Biology and Business Leadership. He has a background in providing healthcare services and has experience working with people from a variety of backgrounds. Gabe also enjoys getting to know new cultures and has spent time living in Central America, where he gained fluency in Spanish. His experiences have led him to pursue work that allows him to connect with people and improve their experiences and interactions. Outside of work, Gabe enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, and staying active.


Joanna Beer

Joanna started Generation Focus in 2017. Before founding the company, Joanna worked in financial services where she managed data-driven products and services. Joanna has an MSc in Management from New York University and a BA in Global Studies from Warren Wilson College. Joanna has lived and spent time in many countries. She enjoys reading, learning, and making connections with people from around the world.

Managing Director

Jenny Costello

Jenny studied Psychology and Consumer Behavior at the University of Southern California, and received her Event Planning & Management Specialization from UCLA. She is currently pursuing her Executive MBA at Quantic School of Business and Technology. Jenny’s diverse background combines corporate, nonprofit, and agency experience. She is passionate about the intersection of the human experience and has expertise in conducting and managing user-centric qualitative research.

People Operations Manager

Amy Hollan

Amy brings over 20 years of human resources leadership and consulting experience in a variety of industries to her role as People Operations Manager.  She holds a BS in Human Resources Management from Franklin University. Amy combines business know-how with creative flourishing and is also a visual artist, writer, and passionate fan of coffee and Emily Dickinson.