Three Essential Factors for Successful Research Recruitment

As you embark on a research project, the participant recruitment phase is a critical juncture. This phase can set the tone for the entire study, influencing its effectiveness and success. To ensure a smooth and productive recruitment process, there are three pivotal factors you should consider: budget, timeline, and participant interest. Assessing these factors before…

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Equity & Research Operations: An Interview with Generation Focus Founder Joanna Beer

The Generation Focus team is very grateful to be a part of the vibrant EPIC People community. Our founder, Joanna Beer, appreciated the opportunity to meet with the EPIC team to share about Generation Focus’ work towards ensuring equity and inclusivity in research recruitment. Scroll down to read the full interview! The article below was originally posted on…

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Intro to Ethnography and Why it Matters for User Research

Ethnography is the study of social interactions, behaviors, and perceptions within groups, teams, organizations, and communities. The goal of ethnography is to provide rich, holistic insights into people’s views, actions, and environment. Ethnography falls under the anthropology field, but it is a method of research that many other kinds of researchers in different fields can…

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Post-Pandemic In-Person Research: 3 Tips for Safety & Success

Post Pandemic Research

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UX research field almost completely switched to  remote research. Naturally, remote interviews and usability studies are both safe and convenient, especially given the dangers in-person research presented during the pandemic. Another advantage of remote research is that it allows companies to continue to gather valuable insights from…

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Best Practices for Accessible Recruitment & Research

Inclusive research

At Generation Focus, we are passionate about contributing to research in the accessibility space. Conducting research with individuals with accessibility needs helps ensure that products will be usable and accessible for all types of people. It is our collective responsibility to help meet the needs of our community, and in doing so, we enhance the…

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In-Depth Interviews: Guidelines for Generating Insights

customer discovery process

Conducting UX research is an essential aspect of the product design process. Gathering insights and feedback from end-users before, during, and after the design phase can help facilitate the development of successful products. There are many different research methods used to gather the information needed from users, including surveys, diary studies, focus groups, usability studies, and, as…

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Human-Centered Participant Recruitment: An Approach to Facilitate Positive Participant Experiences

Human-Centered Recruitment

Updated: May 18, 2021 Research recruitment is a comprehensive process involving several elements, including identifying qualified participants, describing the structure of the study to prospects, ensuring their interest and commitment to the study, obtaining informed consent, scheduling participants, and providing support until the study is complete. Recruiting participants who are articulate and dependable, in the right…

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Successful Surveys: Tips & Tricks for Effective Questionnaire Design & Distribution

market research consulting companies

When it comes to research methods, surveys offer many advantages compared with other research strategies. Surveys are cost-effective and offer an excellent opportunity to gather information from large sample sizes, sometimes with hundreds or even thousands of participants. Larger sample-surveys create more accurate representation, meaning the results are more likely to represent the preferences, habits,…

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Best Practices for Diary Studies: 5 Tips for Motivating Participants & Preventing Drop-Outs

diary studies

Diary studies is a research method which collects qualitative data by having participants record entries about the experience being studied in a log, journal, or diary. Entries can consist of text, video, audio, and/or images. Diary studies can be an excellent method to gather information over time. This method can provide valuable understandings and contextual…

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