B2B Research: How to Recruit and Engage Participants

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Sourcing business professionals for research requires a specialized recruitment process. For B2B research we recommend: Longer lead times Short screeners Focus on building relationships High incentives Room for flexibility B2B research requires people who fit narrow criteria, with particular skills and career accomplishments. From a recruitment perspective, treating them as you would a general population…

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How Mindfulness Can Help a Researcher: A Simple Breathing Exercise to Improve Focus Before Interview

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As researchers, we are used to hectic schedules and back-to-back interviews on the agenda. With this intensity, it’s easy to feel stressed or distracted. I’ve often experienced that the way I spend the minutes right before beginning a qualitative interview session can greatly influence how focused I am during the session which can impact the…

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Home-Based Research Visits: Participant Comfort Comes First

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Home-Based research offers unique and valuable insights. Meeting at home provides a chance to connect with participants intimately, in a way that builds empathy with the user and gleans qualitative data on their lifestyle . However, home visits may present some difficulties for researchers accustomed to remote and on-site studies. There is less control over…

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Fieldwork in Beauty: Our Experience and 5 Tips

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The Generation Focus team concluded the 2018 year in the field, interviewing independent beauty professionals (IBP’s). We’ve previously talked about interview techniques, but how and where you decide to conduct the interview can sometimes be just as important as the questions being asked. This was the case for a recent project with independent beauty professionals…

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How to Recruit Hard to Find Research Respondents

Performing market research requires direct interaction with your target demographic. Researchers need hard data from the individuals in their market. This data comes in the form of answers to survey questions, interviews, focus group responses, test sessions, and any other study being used by researchers.  In some cases, it is perfectly acceptable to use qualitative…

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The Impact of User Research Technology on Data Quality

Qualitative data gathering methods such as in-depth interviews and focus groups have existed since the 1920s, when the importance of demographics and consumer insight first came into the spotlight. Globalization and technological advancements since then have reshaped the market research industry time and again. Today we have the opportunity to reach many different demographics at…

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Why Customer Interviews Should Be Done Continuously

Customer discovery isn’t a one-step process. It is a tale of the customer experience from start to finish. It is a way of communicating with your customer without being directly in the process. Not convinced you need interviews beyond your product launch? Then consider the following. Your Customer’s Needs Aren’t Stagnant Your customers and values…

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