Participants Matter: Five Reasons We Value Participant Recruitment

Participant recruitment is a big pain point for many researchers and research operations professionals. It can be challenging to find and connect with the right target audience. We understand this, and participant recruitment for research studies is a crucial aspect of the work we do at Generation Focus. Here are five reasons why we think participant recruitment is important and meaningful work:

  1. Achieving High Quality Results for Our Clients: The success of a study is directly tied to the quality of the participant sample. Our main motivating factor is to achieve excellent recruitment results for our clients, making the connection between research teams and their target audiences. Our clients appreciate that participant recruitment is an essential part in the research process, as we’re not able to get the insights we need without recruiting the right participants. 

  1. Connection and Foundational Research: At Generation Focus, we always perform advanced double screening with prospective participants, meaning that we connect 1:1 with participants via the phone for individual pre-qualification interviews. We value the opportunity to connect with and learn from potential candidates. The data collected during screening calls can even serve as a foundational “mini study,” enabling researchers to refine their recruitment criteria, discussion guide, and even hypotheses.

  1. Positive Experience for Participants: During pre-qualification interviews, the Generation Focus team strives to treat our participants as valued customers and experts of their own experiences, holding a supportive space for them to feel seen and heard. In our experience, most people thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to give feedback and talk about their experiences, even during a screening call, which in turn is rewarding for our recruiters.

  2. Empowering Participants’ Voices: We are all about inclusive research at Generation Focus. Participant recruitment gives a platform to diverse individuals, allowing them to share their opinions and perspectives directly with the researchers. This inclusivity empowers users to influence the products and designs they interact with, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.

  1. User-Centered and More Inclusive Design and Products: If we’re zooming out and looking at the big picture, participant recruitment allows different voices to be heard, which in the end leads to better and more inclusive user experiences for everyone. This ensures that designs are intuitive, effective, and genuinely valuable to the end-users. In sum, we take pride in the meaningful impact our recruitment efforts have on the research community and the lives of the participants we engage with. 

What do you think? 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe feel a renewed sense of appreciation for participant recruitment. Have questions? Eager to learn more? Connect with us for insights into our recruitment services or to discuss potential collaborations on your research endeavors. 

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